Comics, manga and graphic novels


Even though I prefer normal written books, I sometimes reach for a comic book or a manga. When I was planning to write this article, I said: Oh yeah, I read plenty of manga! But then I began thinking. And I discovered that I probably haven’t read any graphic novel in my life!

That is to say that I love graphics in books, but I seem to have never read any graphic book. (Hint: recommendation welcome!)

Next is manga – I like manga, that’s true. About four years ago I was really into Bleach and Naruto (mainstream I
know), because someone recommended them to me, but I got bored often during reading, so I switched to anime, but that annoyed me with all the filler episodes that were there because the anime was made quicker than the manga story. So I stopped all the mangas and animes.

Recently however, I came back to it and started watching One Piece – a story of a boy who wants to become the Pirate King. And I love it. I enjoy watching it, although maybe a little less than I enjoy watching TV shows, but whenever I feel like watching something short, I turn to this anime and watch an episode or two. Plus I started slowly re-reading Bleach plus reading those episodes I haven’t yet gotten to, since I stopped about two years ago. I have some catching up to do.

Last one – comic book. I don’t like these at all. I may have read one or two Spiderman stories, but that was all and I didn’t like it. I just don’t like the drawing, I don’t know why.

Do you read comic books? Or manga? Would you have any recommendation of good manga or a graphic novel? Comment below!