Mini-review: Leigh Bardugo – Shadow and Bone (The Grisha series #1)


Since I like minimalism, I decided to write mini-reviews for books I read. You get exactly what you’re looking for, plus you save a lot of time! Here we go! (May contain slight spoilers!)

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Projects, blog and books!



Finally I can breathe a little easier! I have a big project behind me at work so I can finally focus on this blog more. What I read in September?

Well, I finished the second book in the Mime Order series I think at the beginning of September, then I read the third one. That was when I decided to read only finished series, because I find it bothersome to read something unfinished and then having to wait for the sequel and meanwhile forgetting what the previous book was about.

Therefore, I picked up a book by Leigh Bardugo – Shadow and Bone, from the Shadow and Bone series, which is finished. I finished the first book and even though the book didn’t immediately click with me, I went on to the second book immediately after finishing the first and I must say it’s way better than the first one. I’m still at the beginning but I must say it has quite an interesting twist just at the beginning, which I think I haven’t seen in any other book yet. Plus, it has magical pirates in it!!!

Also I read (listened to an audiobook) Legend by Marie Lu. It really got me since the beginning and although I had to go back several times (listening in bed has its disadvantages), I followed the story well, even though English is not my native tongue. It has some clichés, but it’s very well written and of course I’m going to read the sequel!

That it, people! Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Reading Book Series



Nowadays, I’m really fed up with book series. Most of the series I’m reading are still going on and new sequels are planned by the authors and more interesting book series are emerging.

What I don’t like about series is – imagine a situation: you read a book and you discover that the author is planning to write five sequels. When is the next book coming? In a year? Two years? Chances are you will forget what happened in the previous book(s), until the sequel is published, so you have to re-read the previous book(s), to refresh your memory.

I feel this is kind of taking you away from reading completely new books. It feels like wasting time. I mean, if you really love the series and you’re reading it again, there’s nothing wrong with it, but still it feels like you could be reading something fresh and new and instead you’re reading a book you’ve already read, just to refresh your memory because of the details you might have forgotten and which could be important in the coming sequel.

Therefore from now on I decided to read only books or series that are finished or are going to be finished soon.

From pens and pencils to PCs and procrastinating!


I love writing with pretty pens or pencils. Sadly, all I seem to do lately is type on a computer. I wish I could go back to the days when I was only using pen and paper. It has a special magic to it.



I have tons of paper notebooks and pencils and pens and crayons etc. but I hardly use them nowadays, only when I’m tutoring (for those who don’t know, I am a private tutor of English as a foreign language). I don’t like using computer when explaining things to a student.

But let’s get to the beginning.

When I was a child, I quite enjoyed writing notes and little stories. Whenever I saw a nice pen or pencil in a shop, I begged my parents to buy it for me. That’s how I ended with a small suitcase like this full of pens, pencils and paper notebooks. Also, I had similar set of pens like this.

I got my first OWN computer when I was 18 years old. Until then, I shared a PC with my brother, who played games on it constantly, so instead I read books. I feel like I didn’t miss out on anything. On the contrary, I think kids nowadays are missing out on things because they sit in front of a PC screen and play games.

Getting my own computer was a big asset for me, but at the same time it got me away from reading, writing and spending time actively. I’m trying to get away from all the social media and other time killers – I’m spending too much time on these sites.

Pomodoro timer is helping!